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My name is Christian,
I’m a Swiss photographer
based in Zurich.

You don’t take a photograph, you make it. –Ansel Adams

My style is a combination of photojournalism and fine-art photography with a touch of emotion and creative lighting. My photos are inspired by color, light techniques, creative perspective, and of course, most importantly, the personalities of the people I photograph!

Why choose me?

unic vision

You have visions and ideas, I make them reality with knowledge and passion.
My strength is to see it through the eyes of the client in order to understand what he need

Professional skills

Working with photography for 13 years,
I have learned new skills almost every day – and still do.
With these “gigantic” skillset, good vibes, pro equipment, very client oriented
i manage every szenario in this crazy world.

Perfect Equipment

Trust me:”) Equipment is overrated.
Of course for some scenario you will need professional equipment. (Yes, I have that)
Give me a 2 year old iPhone and I will deliver great, interesting and different results.

ultra hd

I deliver supersonic extreme
ultra resolution images. *wink
Joking aside, there is (almost)
no limit for image resolution.
Tell me what you need and I will see to it.

light composure

Without light there is nothing.
Light is my best friend, my muse, my
parter in crime.
What i can say more… I love to work
with light in all from and shapes.
Your ideas + my light composition =  💣


 Are you under pressure and super urgently
need a professional photographer?
I’m your savior!
Available around the clock.
Anytime. Anywhere. For you.

My skills


Public relations & news publishing.
HiRes, fast and on-time.


Professional Equipment to capture
your ideas anytime and any location.


Capturing great emotions
is my passion.


I realize your ideas.
Pleasant portraits for your portfolio or for the whole company.


Realizing clean & perfect images to
present your real estate.


... it's one of my new passions.

Latest news

Private event

Client: GAMMACATERING  Location: Sempach